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The "Sound Paths" project invites you to a thrilling audio-travel off the beaten path. Plunge into the real soundscapes recorded in the most exotic places on Earth.

Just choose your destination (geographically-based album), select a sound… and you are there!

Sound Paths isn't a mere set of random nature sounds. Every track has its own story and emotion.
The gentle song of a gibbon, the solemn chorus of cicadas, or the power of the ocean surf will leave no one indifferent!

Intrigued with the location and want to visit it in real life? Begin by spotting the place on the map.

Don't want to part with the Sound Paths until morning? The built-in timer and alarm clock feature will let you fall sleep and wake up to your favorite sounds.

The app grants unlimited access to the entire Sound Paths collection. At the present time, it includes four albums: Cambodia, Laos, Russia, and Thailand.

So, where are you going today?