Initially, the app comes to you without any media to play, so, you begin with downloading one or more "destinations" (geographically based albums) from the support server.

On the first launch, the app offers to download all the available albums at once. If you chosen selective downloading, press button to open the Destinations panel and select one of the suggested items:

To play the downloaded media go to the Destinations panel and choose a desired playlist. Then tap a desired item in the playlist.

When your device is oriented vertically, the playback controls are similar to those in the popular audio playing apps. You can pause / resume playback, go to next / previous track, adjust audio volume, and choose one of the following playback modes:

1. Loop the current audio track.
2. Loop the current playlist.
3. Play the current playlist in random order.

To see the track info and the map of the recording origin, tap button at the screen top.

In the landscape oriented interface, there are no visual controls. You navigate current playlist with the swipe right / left gestures. To pause / resume audio tap in the middle of the screen.

In case the soundscape interface doesn't depend on your device orientation, you may need to enable "Autorotation" in the application options.

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Alongside with the downloaded albums you can use custom playlists of the existing soundscapes. Open the Destionations panel, click "New Playlist" button, and tap one or more soundscapes. If necessary, a single item may be added several times.

To edit a created playlist, open the Destionations screen, tap the "arrow" button on the required item and click "Edit". The destinations (downloaded albums) are not editable.

To delete a playlist, tap an item's "arrow" button and click "Delete" button.

Please, keep in mind the following:
- by deleting a custom playlist you actually discard just a tiny text file;
- by deleting a "destination" (album) you erase about 50 megabytes of media files from your device. To restore a deleted album you will need to redownload it from the support server.

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The application features a built-in alarm clock and a sleep timer.

To create a new alarm, open the Alarm panel and click "New Alarm" button. Then, in the Alarm Editor panel, set time, weekdays, choose playlist, first sound track, and playback mode.

Aditionally, you may customize the alarm max volume, playback duration, and fade in time. ("Fade in" means time span required for increasing alarm loudness from zero to max volume.)

When ready, click "Save" button.

To edit or delete a created alarm click its "arrow" button:

To activate the Sleep Timer, open its tab in the Alarm panel (1), set the countdown duration (2), and turn on the "enabled" switch (3):

The sleep timer stops the audio playback once the defined time interval has elapsed.

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To open the Options panel press button.

By default, by selecting a sound track you also open the associated photo. To disable this function turn off "Open picture on track selection" switch.

In this mode, you pause / resume audio playback by tapping the track preview in the list. To open the associated image press button.

If you turn your device while seeing the track image, the app automatically changes the "portrtrait" picture to "landscape" one" or vice versa. To turn off this option use "Image Autorotation" switch.

The volume and playback mode controls let you adjust these options without opening the track image.

Happy using!

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